Pura Vita real wood veneer panels are combined with different tress and a variety of slices with a random or plank match technique with numerous technological procedures that reveal a warmness and a look as only the real wood triggers on. An enhanced wood brushed effect is the first detail we have meticulously processed with soft or wire brushes that are being used to reach a high quality surface appeal. Furthermore we apply a scratch-resistant transparent coating as the final step that helps also to avoid the ageing of the color. The result of these steps allows us to provide a ready to use panel with the warm wood appeal available always in the same tones.

Pura Vita (9)

Modern Euro - Noce Naturale

Modern Euro - Rovere Verona

Modern Euro - Rovere Milano

Modern Euro - Rovere Firenze

Modern Euro - Quercia Spazzolato

Modern Euro - Quercia

Modern Euro - Noce Sbiancato

Modern Euro - Frassino Scuro

Modern Euro - Frassino Chiaro